Helical Machined Springs

Squareness Under Load During Compression

See how a multiple start Helical Machined Spring can provide even loading during compression and extension, resulting in the spring faces remaining parallel when the spring is deflected. One of the many advantages to a Helical Machined Spring.  Lack of Squareness Under Load is the source of wear, premature component failure, and reduced system performance in many spring applications using a single-coil spring. The HELI-CAL Machined Spring® offers a solution to this by providing a spring element in a multi-start configuration that balances the load during compression or extension (also known as Resolved Moment). This one-piece spring solution can be designed in a double start (think DNA Helix) or triple start coil arrangement. Design Engineers that need to have the spring ends parallel without side loading should watch this short video demonstrating the benefits of multi-start coils.


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