Helical Machined Springs

Wire Wound Vs. Machined Springs; A Comparison

The first question generally asked about Machined Springs is how they compare with Wire Wound Springs. Commencing with this question, this review of Machined Springs will proceed.Wire Wound vs Machined Springs
Wire Springs appeared early in the Industrial Revolution. They established their value immediately, and have not wavered from that most useful course. Certainly, enhancements in materials and manufacturing have been forthcoming, but the basic concept has not changed much. Spring wire coiled hot or cold with ends configured within the limits of coil wire has proven to be a very cost effective, industrial tool that exhibits elasticity within the bounds of known, engineering understanding. Uses range from deep ocean applications to man’s reach into the universe. Finding a modern day device large or small, that does not benefit from elasticity, and particularly that provided by Wire Wound Springs, is a rare find.

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